guarantee bank deposits

 guarantee bank deposits
Bank deposits
Bank deposits of particular importance in the field of banking activity that they feed the necessary funds to banks directly many of its rival commercial paper and interest loans and grants opening credits who is in need of individuals and projects

- Definition of bank deposit

Contract authorizes the bank ownership of deposited money and dispose of them according to than with its commitment cold like the depositor of the same type of currency upon request or at the agreed-term solutions, according to whether the deposit in a savings account or in the form of a fixed deposit "

- Types of bank deposits

That bank deposits are divided in terms of recovery to date and in demand deposits and deposits provided the previous notification and term deposits:

1 - Demand deposits: It is the most important bank deposits and where the applicant may request retrieved at any time, the Bank does not pay them interest or pay interest slim

2 - Deposits provided notification of the former: the deposits of non-specific for which does not specify the client when the filing date for the withdrawal or recovered and has to add to other amounts whenever he wants is that this client is committed to the need to notify the bank of his intention to withdraw by the promise that he wants a specific length

3 - deposits: These are those that are not entitled to the depositor client request response only after a certain period of 6 months or a year from the deposit and thus verify the ability of Bank of reassurance to invest in its operations so credit where the interest rate is relatively high

- The effects of bank deposit

The effects of the deposit can be illustrated in the following k

1 - The use of the amounts deposited

Bank becomes the owner of the amounts deposited shall be for him to act and used in operations and short-term credit bank is just owe the amount deposited so the bank can not be considered guilty of a crime of dishonesty if it can not refund deposited

2 - refunds deposited

The Bank is committed to refund the amounts deposited at the request of the depositor in demand deposits or after prior notice when this notification requirement or on the date specified in the term deposits

3 - Payment of benefits

The Bank may grant to the applicant interest on the amounts deposited by him at the bank and have it in the deposit contract and gets it mostly if the Term Deposit If you do not agree to grant interest considered this deposit without interest

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