Khalifa Tower is the world's tallest building

     Khalifa Tower

   Its now clearer than the sun that Khalifa Tower is the world's tallest building.
 When you see a tall building like that , you probably gonna think , how they built this thing ?
Khalifa Tower is the world's tallest building   There have been a lot of challenges faced engineers when they built Khalifa Tower. First , Sheikh Mohamad decided to build something big that makes Dubai enter history. So he started building " Dubai Tower " as it was set to be , but Dubai ran into a big money issue so the couldn't continue. But sheikh Khalifa helped them continue it , so they named it with his name as a kind of appreciation. 
   The describtion of the tower is unbelievable.
 It has 160 floors. 
124 of them are apartments , they include 1042 apartments. 
At the top of it there is a balcony overlooking the most beautiful places in Dubai.

   Khalifa Tower is the best place I've ever seen.

 I visit it once , and I can't wait to visit it again.

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