Search Financial management objectives

Financial management objectives :
1 - timing of returns
2 - cash flows ( cash distributions - capital gains )
3 – Risk
management objectives
Search Financial management objectives
The goal of maximizing the market value of wealth owners:
We've found that the goal of maximizing profits , a short - term goal because it ignores several important elements is the timing of earnings and cash flows and the risk so you do not need to rely on another goal accommodates all the above factors
Other goals of financial management :
- The purpose of liquidity
- Profit target
· Technical financial hardship : It happens when there is not the company has enough ready cash to pay for their needs for a limited period but can then pay these needs and fulfill their obligations.
· Real financial hardship : arises when the market value of all Mujdat company is not sufficient to meet their financial obligations :
Agency problem
It means oppose the goals of managers with the objectives of the owners will lead to the emergence of conflict
Or any situation in which the managers put their personal goals over the company 's goals
  Employees are working to alleviate the problem of the agency and they ( the forces of the market - the costs of the agency )
Knew the income statement
Is a summary of property income and expenses during the period of economic and financial one and profit seekers list
Elements ( Sales - Cost of sales - Net purchases - first - term goods - goods last period - Gross profit - selling expenses - General and administrative expenses - premiums depreciation - Net Operating Profit - Interest paid - Net Profit VPL Taxes - Net profit after tax )
Known as the statement of financial position
It is a numbers revealed the sources and use of funds in the company a certain period of time ' indicates the credit side (left ) is called by the obligations and rights of the shareholders. And the debt side ( right) morning and evening assets side
Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders ' Equity
Assets: is divided into :
1 - current assets ( cash - short - term investments - Accounts receivable - Inventory - Prepaid expenses )
2 - long-term assets (equipment , buildings and property - land - complex depreciation of fixed assets - long - term investment - intangible assets )

Liabilities: is divided into :
1 - current liabilities ( payables - notes payable - Income received in advance - other current liabilities
2 - long-term liabilities (bonds - long-term debt )
Shareholders' equity
It is assets minus liabilities to not include the following :
(Capital of ordinary shares - premium - preferred stock capital - retained earnings - precautions - treasury shares )
Statement of Cash Flows
Is a detection receipts and payments for the company during a certain period of time .
Financial Analysis :
On the grounds that any user of the information available and published financial and related to the company
Financial Analysis Is on the actions and steps used by these analysts to interpret such information

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