love story about a man lasted for 15 years

Claimed he was blinded 15 years of love for his wife
Man left his wife and children to his homeland, meaning the land of the battle raging on the outskirts of the country,
... And after the end of the war and during the way back told the man that his wife fell ill with smallpox in his absence
asted for 15 years

Distortion her so much because of it ..
Receive man silently news and severe deep sadness ...
The next day he saw his eyes closed grief to the situation and knew then that it no longer sighting
Accompanied him to his home, and then completed his life with his wife and children naturally .. After nearly
women, secrets kept by the wife of the same The top Marital Life happines Adult Messages Here you can get the best adult smsWife in the draft treasonAdult Messages Bedroom sex, Fifteen years wife died ... And then surprised all around him that he returned sight naturally ..
They realized that he closed his eyes during that period so as not to hurt the feelings of his wife when you see her ....
Those squint were not in order to stand a pretty picture of the wife ... Therefore be installed in memory
The reclining them whenever necessary, but maintain the integrity of the marital relationship
Even if it cost that Naomi's eyes for a long time, especially after the spin element that physical beauty
Crossing supposed to spiritual beauty ..
That story may be of anecdotes or even of pure imagination, but ...
Do us a little shut eye defects and mistakes of others so as not to hurt their feelings?
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